Sorry. Childish humour alert.

Wankum is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The town’s location, near the A40 autobahn close to the border with The Netherlands, is infamous with British motorists who pass the sign to the Wankum exit shortly after entering Germany.

Geek disemboweling for the Mac community

Yep..thats Mac OS X running there… Macboy modder (flickr user Charles Mangin) dug out his old Mac Plus, disemboweled it and crammed the innards of a modern Mac G4 Cube inside including replacing the old B&W screen with a nice shiny LCD. He even spooned out the guts of the old Mac mouse and replaced… Continue reading Geek disemboweling for the Mac community

A slow motion punch in the face movie.

I’m a sucker for slo mo movies. And when you can see some geezer in shades and a baseball cap getting thwacked on in the face while chatting on his mobile,all in slow motion, how could i resist posting it! Just watch those jaws ripple in the aftershock! via