Aussie model likes a cockatoo. Actually, nope she doesn’ rack off!

Former Miss Universe Australia (how does that work then?) Erin McNaught isnt too happy with winemakers Cockatoo Ridge after they used her pic for a saucy ad campaign…

McNaught is the star of the wine company’s provocative new billboards, which include some cheeky double entendre’s – none more so than the one that reads “She Loves A Cockatoo”.

The billboards are on display in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide and Cockatoo Ridge managing director Peter Perrin says Erin signed off on the campaign.

But the leggy Sydneysider disagreed, telling QConfidential yesterday that she didn’t know the slogans would be so, er, suggestive.

“I wasn’t thrilled with what that line was implying,” Erin said.

She said the company emailed the slogans to her for approval, but it was while she was moving to Melbourne to be in Neighbours and she didn’t see them in her inbox until later.

Needless to say sales are up since the campaign began. via