Archie the Collie dog finds giving up smoking too hard.

England’s official smoking ban started at the beginning of this month and  most people would agree, its a great thing. Not poor Archie the 2 year old border collie who is a cigarette junkie.

Archie has been fascinated by cigarettes and smoke since he was a puppy. When hes not transfixed watching the smoke sail through the air, hes eating the butts out of the ashtray!

“Going into a smoke-free pub is going to make him very unhappy.”
Sarah and John, 38, a plasterer, smoke about 15 roll-ups a day and have mixed views on the smoking ban.
Sarah added: “It is a relaxing, social thing to light up at the end of a busy day and we will certainly miss not being able to do it in pubs anymore.

Surely this classes as cruelty to an animal??