There Are the Angrier Versions of E.T.

You remember E.T. He liked Reese’s Pieces and was always looking for a phone. That movie was made by Steven Spielberg, of course. We learned today that Spielberg was originally going to make a scary movie featuring aliens called Night Skies.

From what we gather, the plot revolved around aliens terrorizing a rural farm house.

That film was actually in production when the director decided to switch it up and do the heart-warming E.T. instead (because: money). That means there were concept aliens. They were designed by Rick Baker and he’s released some photos of what they looked like.

One of them looks a lot like E.T., except really pissed off. Another looks like the alien from the movie Mac and Me. Remember that one?

Night Skies: angry E.T.

Night Skies: angry E.T.

Night Skies: angry E.T.

Night Skies: angry E.T.

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Author: Monty McMahon

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