Anglesey Jedi Church announces plans for moon colony

AN ORDER of Holyhead Jedis has begun steps to colonise the moon.
The UK Church of the Jedi, run by brothers Daniel and Barney Jones, of Holyhead, are setting up a micro nation on the moon.

They have bought a plot of land on the moon and the order plan to have a capital city and appoint worthy Jedi to positions such as Head of Galactic Affairs and Country Ambassador.

They are also planning to sell titles of nobility, such as Lord and Lady, to people who wish to join the Galactic Stades of Jediism, which is located in Oceanus Procellarum on the more desirable light side of the moon.

When mankind finally colonises the moon, the order plan to travel their for Jedi training.

Daniel, known as Jedi Master Morda Hehol in the order, said: “We here at the UK Church of the Jedi are setting up our own micro nation on the moon. This is for our members to being to our Galactic State and it will be used for training purposes at the church.

“We were able to buy property on the moon from an official moon real estate seller. We have bought one acre of the earths moon and have set up a government, constitution and royal family of our sovereign state.

“We are able to set up a nation because the moon is classed as international waters, which means we can set up our own nation legally on it. Our plan is to create a galactic nation so Jedi have a place to live when humans move to the moon and also it will be used in training with the church.

“The nation is called The Galactic States of Jediism, we have our capital city on the moon called Testa City. We are also going to be selling Baron or Lord titles to the public as well.”