An inventive way to use blank cd’s. The CD lounger.

With cd writers sales sliding into obscurity thanks to dvd and hd-dvd etc this could be a great way to use up all that unsold stock…

This is called the “panda chair” and is designed by Belen Hermose and is constructed of thousands of blank cd’s. It doesn’t look that comfy but it could be a great talking point!

The chair was recently shown at the Nude Pavillion for the International Furniture Fair of Valencia.


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Author: Jase

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  1. First of all, thanks for your comment about my design.

    Just a correction; this is the brief explanation of the Chair:

    “The CDs are an important problem in terms of pollution.
    The polycarbonate is an expensive and hardly recyclable material when it comes from a CD. 4.232 of these containers of data, handed over by the company Sarbide, have been reused to form the panda chair, of modern and technological aspect.”

    So all CDs on this chair are reused…

    ; )

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  2. How many CD’s does it take to make a chair?

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  3. Can I purchase one? How much?

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