An entire farm in a burger!

Thanks to the guys at for emailing us this great photoset that is easily a competitor to the popular bacon,bacon,bacon and bacon burger we featured a couple of weeks ago.

Its a burger ordered from the Whataburger chain and includes Chicken, Egg, Cheese and Bacon. 2 parts cow, 2 parts chicken, 1 part pig.

They lovingly call it the “Whatafarm” burger. Looks great to me! More photos after the jump!


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  2. Bunch of whimps. Throw on a goat patty, a turkey leg, and some horse meat. THEN you got a farm burger.

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  4. Lies. I’ve been to Whataburgers my entire life and have never seen anything like this. Show me one other person that has seen this… outside of this person’s circle of friends.

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  6. Hi, I’m the guy in the blue shirt in the above photos.

    The article is a bit ambiguous, but let me clarify:

    “Its a burger ordered from the Whataburger chain”
    We ordered it from Whataburger. It’s not a Whataburger menu item. A burger born from “Just like you like it”. If you ask them to make it while they are serving breakfast items, they will make it. You’ll just have tell them what to put on it.

    “They lovingly call it the “Whatafarm” burger.”
    The pronoun ‘they’ refers to: “the guys at”.


  7. holy.fucking.shit.

    i literally think that burger was made for me,
    that is the greatest thing i have ever seen in my life.

    i was wondering how egg would be on a burger earlier this summer, theres my answer.

    i better find a fucking whataburger in illinois,
    right now.

    thats road trip worthy

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