Aerial Stocking Remote Lakes

aerial stocking

There are a lot of remote lakes in the Rocky Mountains, but they’re continually stocked with fish nonetheless. Not in the typical way though. These lakes are hit from above via what’s called aerial stocking.

Basically, a plane flies over one of these lakes and craps a bunch of fish out.

This raises a bunch of questions for me. Like, what percentage of these fish actually make it into the water? And they say hitting water from a great distance is like hitting concrete, so do these fish even survive the impact? And does anybody actually know the answers to these questions or are they just assuming all of these fish are now merrily swimming around in these lakes?

And what happens if a gust of wind comes along? Do you just get a big pile of fish laying in the woods somewhere?

I just can’t imagine how all of these fish make it into the lake. Probably like two of them actually survive the drop.

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