This place has been a little quiet of late. Apologies for that. Real life caught up with me and i just havent been able to do the same amount of casual browsing that i used to. A 2 year old daughter and a new business does that!

But…thats all about to change!

Not only will this site be getting daily updates from here on in (again!) but huge developments are afoot that will expand about:blank from a lowly “echo chamber” blog to a lovely great big network of sites with exclusive articles and reviews together with our own team of authors.

Get Involved…
If your interested in contributing when about:blank gets relaunched this Autumn, get in touch! We are still looking for authors who have an unhealthy interest in gadgets, design and heavy procrastinating online. In exchange for the odd post, you will be more than welcome to plug your own website/blog on the site. Get in touch using the contact page. Go on!

Back to the update…