About:Blank up for sale…


After many years of trawling the web and reporting from the “humourous depths of the interweb”, i have decided to hand on the baton to the next person. Things have changed over the years since i started about:blank and unfortunately i am finding that i can no longer dedicate the time it needs to keep up with the freakish goings on around the world.

I really dont want to close the site so i have decided to put about:blank up for auction…but not necessarily to the highest bidder. The site, its readership and its advertising revenue will go to the person/party that can put forward the most attractive offer that will include a commitment to keep the site going and allow me to continue to post once in a while! Ideally i would like to offer the site to an existing reader.

All the about:network of sites/domains including about:nsfw and about:gadgets will be included.

If your interested, get in touch. I would love to hear from you.