A Whopper with Cheese and Bacon and Bacon and Bacon and Bacon and Bacon and Bacon and Bacon and etc…

Take a look at this bacon lovers receipt for an order made at a Burger King restaurant at an unknown location…

Thanks to about:blank reader KautionTape for sending this great photoset in.

“they hit the Bacon key on the register like a hundred times,only to hear

the guy in the back go ‘WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!!?!'”

I cant believe he didn’t finish it! What a waste of good bacon!

Could anyone with more backstory to this let me know so i can add more to the post. Where and when!?

If you like your burgers a bit of the big side, take a look at the Farm-in-a-burger at about:blank


  1. I don’t know about your localities, but I think I have a pretty good idea why he didn’t finish it…the bacon at BK sucks!

    I love bacon cheeseburgers, but after recently trying their Ultimate Double Whopper (basically a double whopper with bacon) I decided that Burger King would have to be just regular ol’ cheeseburgers for me

  2. i would take a BK over a McD’s any day. Although i would agree that their bacon leaves a lot to be desired!

    What are Wendy’s like? ive never tried those. Wendys are few and far between in this country.

  3. if only miloz served bacon… good thing they dont… god damn BK shit looks nasty as hell struggle for good beef not bacon.

  4. Jase,

    Wendy’s are the best!! They beat both of the other big chains foods. You really need to try one if you can get to a location. You will be traveling for dinner from now on!!!

  5. Waste of food, you fat whitey. I hope someone else ate the rest.

  6. We have a confirmation that the order was made at a Burger King in New Jersey by a man only identified as “Teddy” for a man waiting in a limo, a Mr. Arthur Lange.

  7. Carl’s JR, or Hardees puts out the best Bacon Cheeseburger…Jack in the box comes in a close 2nd. Burger King and McDonalds aren’t even in my top 10!!

  8. I’m pretty sure the reason he didn’t finish it all is because he died in the middle after suffering Cardiac Arrest o___o

  9. Forget Neil Armstrong, forget John Wooden, forget Tiger Woods, forget John Kennedy…..THIS GUY is my hero! I worship the ground he walks on. (kneeling..) I’m not worthy!!
    And, I’m SO going to do this with my next paycheck!

  10. holy crap….i work at a bk and i prep all the bacon in the morning…i would not pay 60 cents per for slices for it. That shit comes precooked and shrinkwrapped on sheets of paper, once you open it your basicaly covered in lard…then its microwaved for a minute….and its all made before the store opens, bk doesnt make “fresh” bacon throughout the day…yuck.

    im wondering what a bacon melt is? we dont have it here. we have a bacon double cheeseburger…but not bacon melts.

  11. Look……if you keep on eating this pocessed grease at chain “resaurants”- the rest of the world can keep on laughing at “Fattest ball of lard man” on TV. how do your livers stand this crap day in day out? Eat REAL FOOD.

  12. Hmmmmm I wonder why America is the fattest nation in the world with the highest incidents of heart disease and type II diabetes? I would laugh if it weren’t so sad.

  13. there are so many things wrong with this…
    1) may as well skip the eating entirely, cut your chest open and shove the burger directly into your arteries
    2) you can get three times as much bacon in a supermarket for the same price
    3) who the hell would pay upward of $15 for a burger loaded with shitty bacon?

  14. This fool could have went home and fried up a pack of bacon and saved money. Maybe his gas is not as high as mine. But the sandwich looks delicious!!!

  15. When I was a teenager in the late 80’s, I worked for Wendy’s. They cooked all their bacon fresh. The thing is, it was done first thing in the morning and used all day and night until the next morning when they cooked a whole bunch more again.

  16. I am going to order the exact same thing next time I’m at a BK, I’m going to eat the full thing and I’m going to film it. This may take a while as I have no BK’s near me whatsoever and I gotta get a videocamera but when I do I will post it on youtube.com and add the link to this website.

  17. No problem… I also got a few fellow fatties joining me on this epic quest and it looks like we are doing this on Thursday during our lunch break at school. BK is a 1/2 hr to 45 min drive from where I’m to.

  18. Shit… I accidentally typed school. Fuck I’m 27 I ment work. lol

  19. As the person in these pictures i have to say that i am quite astonished to see that i have quite the internet following. I didn’t think anyone really cared about my bacon eating ways.

  20. As the person who took the pictures the time was after we both got out of work (radioshack). We headed over to the BK in Wareham Massachusetts and ordered up the ridiculous bacon burger, we got it our way.

  21. Arteries hardening… blood ceasing to flow… baconnnn….. baconnnnnn! My aorta is coming to stangle me…

    Thanks for the backstory Avi.

  22. on the issue of good bacon all bacon at burger king (BK) is pre-cooked then frozen then sent to BK thawed and served ^^

  23. not that it looks incredibly appetizing… but im laughing at the cook’s response 😀

  24. As a former co-worker of the man that ordered this great sandwich, I can put to rest the false statements from a few people about some guy in new jersey. Sam Marques from Massachusetts ordered this at the BK in E. Wareham, and I love this kid!!!! come back from florida sam!

  25. Master Shake: We’re flash frying this mutha!

    Master Shake: Carl! Take it up!
    Carl Brutananadilewski: With pleasure.
    Master Shake: Whoah! Whoah! Whoah! Whoah! You take it up too high how am I gonna inject the cheese?
    Frylock: The cheese?
    Carl Brutananadilewski: Oh yes! What is that, cheddar or pepper jack?
    Master Shake: Both.
    Carl Brutananadilewski: You are the man!
    Master Shake: There’s pork in there too. See, I rolled it in ranch dressing then force fed it to her. How do you think she died, natural causes?
    Carl Brutananadilewski: This is gonna be so good!
    Frylock: Yeck! Well y’all go on ahead and have your little heart attack. Meatwad and I are gonna have us a healthy labor day. Ain’t that right Meatwad?
    Meatwad: Yeah, I’ll do that when I’m dead. Inject me with some cheese!
    Master Shake: Submerge! It’s gonna take a minute Carl. We’ve just gotta hope that the bowels don’t release after hitting the hot oil.

    9 dollars of bacon?
    This made my day.
    Long live the burger king?

  27. Burger King? McDonalds? Wendy’s!? People let’s take a step back and re-evaluate our burger options. None of those places serve good burgers, and the bacon is ridiculous no matter where you go. Apparently that’s 45 strips of bacon on that burger, forty-five. If you put forty-five strips of REAL bacon on a burger, it’d be far to large to fit in your mouth. What you guys need is In-N-Out.

    Das Site

  28. Lol… In-N-Out, in the East parts of the good old USA we have Steak-N-Shake, it’s awesome. As for fast food bacon burgers… come on guys, Rally’s. Seriously… how could you all forget about the end-all best burger joint ever.

  29. Someone said “what a waist of good bacon”

    The term “good bacon” and Burger King is like “good” being associated with sour milk. burger King bacon is pathetic at best, and after seeing how it comes to their stores, I question even if it’s really bacon at all, and not just something processed ot look and taste like bacon.

    I don’t blame anyone for not finishing anything from Burger King that has bacon on it.

  30. Yeah sorry guys, I have to say Sonic Drive-In destroys most other fast food places. Never went to one until I was about 19 and lived in Oklahoma for a little bit.

    But they really do have some of the best stuff,

    Chili and cheese…mmmmm

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