A Streaker Update!

Streaker Update: Our featured streaker video has reached a global audience!

After being featured here on the 11th January, the video was then submitted to Liveleak where it was featured on the home page for several days obtaining many hundreds of thousands of views, then Jimmy Fallon and several tv shows in the US featured the video, Jimmy Fallon twice! A couple of tv shows here in the UK picked it up too.

The hunt for the streaker reached fever pitch with tv companies around the world contacting us here at about:blank hunting the guy down. A reward of $1000 was put out by a US TV company to help the capture.

The identity of the streaker remained a mystery until the 23rd January when a tabloid newspaper in the UK, The Daily Mail, revealed the reluctant streaker as 28yr old Tom Annandale. A building site manager from Manchester UK.

He said: ‘I didn’t realise they were playing in an enclosed court. I am 6ft tall and weigh 16 stone and set off full pelt for my streak.

‘It was fine until I hit the glass wall. I split my forehead, bruised my shoulder, knocked my knee and was in agony, but the worst part was the embarrassment.

‘I had these stunned tennis players looking at me, all the lads laughing, so I just got up and ran off.

‘It’s very embarrassing as professionally I am a project manager for a construction company and have about 65 men on site in Manchester.

‘Obviously, if I’d realised there was a glass door on that tennis court, I’d have opened it first.’

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