A Sexy Starbucks Competitor

If you live in Washington and like your coffee with added steam then the “Grab’N’Go” Espresso could be just your bag.

Espresso drive-through stands with bikini- and lingerie-sporting baristas are popping up from Monroe to Edmonds.

In the past year, at least six of these java joints employing provocatively dressed young women have opened in the county.

The entrepreneurial owner says he aims to soon operate a dozen stands in Washington and
Nevada, including one with male baristas in tight Speedos and bowties.

Local competitors are losing money quickly but are putting up a fight displaying signs like “We Make it Hot with our Tops On,” “R-rated Coffee; PG-rated Girls” and “Known 4 Coffee Not Cleavage!” and …


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Author: Jase

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  1. As usual, women are treated like sex objects, and the younger they are, the less they realize they are being treated as such. They just soak up the attention since their real dads never validated their worth as girls anyway.

    Additionally, they are used typically for a man’s economic gain! (and maybe to make his dick hard too). Which suits most men just fine since they really don’t care if the girl’s tits they are staring at belong to a girl of fifteen or a woman of thirty five.

    Very, very sad if you ask me. Women tend to show respect for men who are much younger than they are…How come that respect is never shown/given the other way around?

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