A rant about the N95 and the new N95 8Gb

This is my first rant on about:blank. I usually try to keep it light here but i wanted to vent some of my frustration at Nokia for the way they have kicked us loyal nokia fans in the dogs danglies.

I waited nearly 9 months from the initial announcement of the N95 to the actual release a couple of months ago to get my hands on what was to be the best phone of its kind. What it ended up to be was a ghost of its potential self.

A phone that had gps (if your willing to wait 15 minutes for it to get a lock, if ever), a 5Mpixel phone (that had an odd shade of red over all the photos and a ridiculously slow shutter speed), 3G data speeds (but dont bother looking at any web pages with any decent content on because the phone comes with a cripplingly low amount of RAM), the latest symbian operating system (which lags behind by 5 seconds due, once again, to the stupidly low amount of built in RAM).

Oh, and did i mention that not only can you only open 1, maybe 2, applications at a time before the thing crashes and the battery will only keep you going for a number of hours that you could count on one hand.

Meerly weeks after the initial release when thousands of us loyal nokia fans and gadgeteers rushed out on the day of release to pick one of these babies up, theyve announced a brand new N95 with all the mistakes of V1 cleaned up and packaged in a smart black 8Gb version with loads more RAM.

Cheers Nokia.

pic from allaboutsymbian.com