A Frog Wedding [Photo]

During dry hot seasons, native American Indians dance are known to prance around a bonfire to appease the gods in order to send rain their way. But in the remote village of Takhatpur in India, the natives arrange a strange ritual where a male and female frogs are betrothed. Dressed to nines, these unfortunate amphibians are dressed up with all the finery the Indians can muster. The frog wedding hopes to touch the hearts of their Hindu gods. Instead of picking a gift at the bridal registry, the Blessed Ones bless the village with that much needed rain from a sever drought the area is experiencing.

In exotic Indian fashion, the happy couple are then sprinkled with orange powder after the ceremony and photographed with colorful flowers in front of a single flame. Much to the wedding planner’s delight, I presume.

Though the effectivity rate of the gods actually complying and causing a dowpour is not mentioned on the article.

via Daily Mail