A Computer So Small, It Fits In A Plug Socket

Jack PC

U.K. firm Jade Integration has just launched a computer that is so small it fits into a plug socket. The Jack PC is powered by Ethernet and can hook up to a standard monitor, keyboard and mouse. It runs Windows CE and comes with 64MB of flash memory and 128MB of RAM. It should be capable enough to handle browsing the Web and sending emails. via Sci-Fi.com


  1. wow, it isnt just a concept?. That thing could give unexpensive computing to third world nations, fucking huge man. or maybe it isn´t cheap….yeap. most definetly it aint.

  2. who the fuck cares if third world nations have computers…i’m sure they have much more to worry about than sending emails and checking facebook

  3. Yea, I bet they will be cheap.. remember the recent mini PC computers rivaling mac minis? they were pretty cheap.. i bet these come out at 150 or so

  4. Wow, this is a great concept, for early this decade. This is basically a PDA in a smaller package. It’s great for doing little tasks but probably not much else. This could maybe be useful for deployment in a public area, but most people would rather use a full computer, and business people will use their own laptops. It’s a nifty gimmick at best.

  5. Well, the big deal about the possibility of third world computing is not so they can check facebook, so much, as to check out anything else going on in the world. Knowledge is power, those of us that have such broad access are prone to forget what a powerful tool the internet is and how easily we can utilize it. I don’t know how affordable units like this are, but if they were cheap enough, imagine what these could do in schoolhouses across the world (assuming electricity and a phone line, something else we tend to take for granted.)

    Given recent economic issues, we should now be more aware, at least, of how interconnected we all really are as nations, and anything that can bring up others seems to me a good thing.

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