£95 for a PS2…plus a free bag of wonga. 44k!!!

A 16yr old from Norfolk, UK won an ebay auction for a PS2 for £95. The console arrived missing 2 games that was promised with the game, but instead the package contained a bag containing £44,000.

Police are currently holding the wonga – which arrived with the games console at the teen’s Norfolk home back in March and was reported by his parents – under the Proceeds of Crime Act. According to the BBC, magistrates gave Norfolk cops until September to trace the owner, at which time the case will return to court.

The family could then apply to claim the funds under the Police Property Act, although the powers-that-be can obtain a further order to hang onto the booty pending further investigation.

The most amazing part of this story is that he was willing to pay £95 for a PS2!!! Maybe the seller took pity, felt really guilty and added a bit to the package?

via The Register