76-Person Russian Soccer Brawl

Russian soccer brawl

Where to even begin? First, we should note this is all about soccer and that it was a planned brawl. Thirty-eight dudes who are fans of Spartak show up to brawl with 38 dudes who are fans of Dynamo on some frozen Russian road in the middle of nowhere.

These teams are rivals, you see? So their fans need to fight each other before the big game!

It’s all very well orchestrated. One team’s fans wear black. The other team’s fans wear white. You don’t want to accidentally kick the shit out of your boy, after all.

Frankly, the guys in white pretty much get wasted. You see a lot of their carcasses lying motionless on the ground toward the end. The guys in black are just standing around kicking them in the head and shit.

And then they all get up, shake hands and go about their merry way.

Because, soccer!

(these guys)