22,000 Dominoes Falling

22,000 dominoes

So there’s this guy who goes by the handle Hevesh5. He’s apparently a domino artist. Yeah, I just wrote that. There’s such a thing as a “domino artist.”

Anyway, the dude has A LOT of dominoes. He set 22,000 of them up to knock down in honor of getting 200,000 YouTube subscribers. Now, why 22,000? Why not 200,000? Why not 20,000, which is at least a nice round multiple of 200,000?

Hell if I know. He’s an “artist,” which means he is beyond questioning.

So, this video is of those 22,000 dominoes knocking each other over.

This would have been cooler if the domino fall just stopped halfway through because one was slightly misplaced. Or if it showed him setting the whole thing up and he was placing domino 21,567 and just accidentally knocked all the rest of them over.

It’s still alright though.

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