19th Century anti-masturbation device…yikes!

This metal device is one of a number of similar devices which were invented in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries to prevent masturbation. A leather strap which would have kept it in place is now missing. Until the early 1900s, many people regarded masturbation as harmful to a person’s health, and it was blamed for a variety of ailments, including insanity.

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  1. It looks small because they were mostly used on adolescent boys. My wife saw this and she wants me to make one and we never had any children.

  2. You know today chastity devices are a fetish (one i don’t understand). Just look around on online fetish shops and you’ll find all kinds of modern versions. The trick is to send the key to someone you’ll see several months later. Apparently they get aroused by not getting aroused… I don’t get it.

  3. Too bad they didn’t have vibrator in the 19th century. This would never have worked.

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