100yr Old Grandmother Becomes Worlds Oldest Paraglider

British grandmother Peggy McAlpine celebrated her 100th birthday by becoming the world’s oldest paraglider.

Not content with her letter from the Queen, Peggy floated into the record books just three years after moving to “start a new life” in Cyprus.

She had already bungee-jumped with members of the Royal Parachute Regiment as an 80-year-old “youngster.”

“It was the most wonderful, pleasant experience and I’m ready to do it again anytime,” said Peggy, who has four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Britain’s latest centenarian said the excitement helps keep her young at heart.

Peggy, who is partially sighted, broke the record held by a 95-year-old Dane.

The oldest Briton to paraglide before yesterday’s flight was Reg Rose-Innes, 91, from Beddingham, who flew above the Devil’s Dyke in Suxssex last December for 20 minutes at a height of 800ft.